‘Life On Thin Ice’ with NatGeo Live!

Hello friends! I’m on a speaking tour for National Geographic Live in 2024, across the US and Canada! The show is called Life on Thin Ice. And the opening of the entire series was in Seattle at Benaroya Hall! Then it goes to Los Angeles, Phoenix/Mesa, Buffalo, West Palm Beach, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

In the Arctic, sea ice is synonymous with the sand in the desert. The ice is vital for transportation, for food, for living. And while the temperatures seem inhumane, the Arctic is teeming with life. Indigenous peoples call this frosty land home, but they’re not alone. Polar bears, musk ox, whales and caribou are some of the Arctic animals co-existing with more than 40 different ethnic groups in the north. Through beautiful images and awe-inspiring moments, National Geographic Live takes you on a journey with Kiliii Yüyan, our first speaker of Indigenous descent, to understand the Native peoples and their relationship to a frigid land and its animals.

The Seattle show went amazingly well, with three days of packed houses, and people leaving saying that their worldviews were changed. That’s the dream!

I am thankful for this and I hope it gives the wider US and Canada audience the opportunity to learn more about the reality behind life in the Arctic and especially the important role Indigenous peoples play through cultural stewardship of their place and communities.

I hope to see you there. Tickets for all the shows can be found here.

Show Dates:

  • Jan 22-24: Seattle, WA
  • Feb 1: Santa Monica, CA
  • March 20: Mesa, AZ
  • March 27: West Palm Beach, FL
  • April 2: Buffalo, NY
  • May 26-28: Calgary, AB
  • June 2-4, Toronto, ON