About Kiliii Fish

Self Portrait with Camera 2I’m Kiliii Fish. My roots extend from China and Siberia but I grew up in the United States. Life has blessed me with travels and adventure in both cities and remote wilderness. I’ve been given a unique approach to life and art.

My commercial photography consists of portraits, cinematic photographs for advertising/entertainment, and music/band photography.

As an indigenous person I feel close to the land. I try to see the natural world with an educated eye and a deeper understanding which informs my photography. Much of my photography draws from nature, which inspires rich tones and dramatic light. My work is often production-heavy; in the end it captures a moment of life’s mystery and drama.

Outside of photography, I take time each year to teach traditional kayak building and adventure in the wildest seas on the planet! Since I also love making music, anytime I am not shooting or kayaking, I am playing my electric violin or singing. I’m heavily influenced by both indigenous music and rock.

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