Living Wild: Presenting Stone-Age Living at PIX2015

Living Wild documents a group of 21st century hunter-gatherers who are rediscovering the traditional living skills of the Paleolithic. I gave a presentation on this multi-year documentary project for National Geographic at DPreview’s Photo Interactive Expo 2015. It was a fabulous experience and I had the opportunity to share the stage with some of my heroes, including Aaron Huey, Cristina Mittermier and Joe McNally. More if you click through.
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A quick summary of the 20 minute presentation:
I’ve spent the last ten years involved with the primitive skills movement, spearheaded by a woman named Lynx Vilden. Lynx runs the Stone Age Living Project, composed of individuals unified by a single ambition— to leave the modern age and return to primitive living. In summer of 2014, I embedded with the Stone Age Project in the alpine of the Cascade Range.
For 6 months the group prepared for their monthlong project by tanning hides for clothing and collecting/drying foodstuffs.
Nothing could have prepared us for the month ahead. We strained our way up scree slopes in bloodied bare feet, picked every last berry we could find, broke too many arrows whilst hunting marmots, and stayed just ahead of raging wildfires by anxiously scouting from mountain ridges. This presentation is about documenting the end of the world, and not getting in the way.