Talk at National Geographic Photo Seminar

It was one of the greatest honors and privileges of my life to speak at National Geographic in Washington DC before an audience of my photographic heroes. I used the platform of the 2019 NatGeo Photo Seminar to speak about my story on the Iñupiaq, and about the importance of representation for marginalized peoples in photography.

The world is full of stories. How many of those stories don’t just repeat what we already know? How many stories teach us to see the world from a truly different perspective? Indigenous peoples are cast as tragic victims, of colonization, of climate change. Yet the views from the inside are not ones of despair, but joy. While the dominant cultures continue to gaze at us as they always have, Native storytellers work to offer our own perspectives through modern mediums.

Many thanks to Sarah Leen for bringing me to speak at the Photography Seminar, and to Elizabeth Krist and Vince J Musi for their hard work to make it all happen. Most of all, thanks to the people I photograph, you’ve supported me by letting me into your worlds. Banyalan.